Chicago Day Seis

Tim gettin clipz

Neck Tatt

Malcolm - Switch 360

Neck Tatt

O Damn


5th Day of Chi Town

Kevin kills (not the final shot)

Dozer was feelin it

Then a wild Ercaderk appeared

Dozer was not feelin it

Erca donated a beer to this chill hustler


4th Day of Chi Town

Illest find

Me - mute air

Kevin boosting

Ian - cess slide

Me - Sweaty

Ian - Liu Kang transfer

angle 2

Ian - tree stall to soul

Me - 360 parallel

Wave Splashes

Day 3 was rough

Kevin got towed ... lame ass parking signs that are barely visible

Ercaderk arrived

Kevin - toe roll (for Remo)

Chicago Shred Day 2

Me - Ao neg mistrial

Done fucked up my elbow again

grubz for 5 dollas

Laced up truck

Nekst D30 MSK

Kevin - Tall topsoul

Ian chillin

Me - sidewalk bump to bs Backslide

Kevin & Dozer postin

  Jonathan Seufferheld bs nugen

450 mute out

First Day in Chicago


Wink tag in the city

Chill ass Dozer

Chicago po get down

Ian - Bs Sav

Dozer stuntin

Kevin - soul

Ben - Soul

Kevin - mono roll

Ben - Royale

Kevin - Wallride

peep dat footy

Ben - gap to soul gap out

Me - launch 180 stale over grass


Everett/Chelsea Day


Jordy Backslide Tap to Bank

Broken frame

gettin ready