The entry where i actually write stuff instead of posting some gay video

Yesterday I missed my daily entry unfortunately, streak didn't last too long. I was in Boston all weekend rollerblading. It wasn't to productive though since it was as cold as last weekend if not colder. Friday night I stayed at Justin's house and skated prail mostly. Saturday we headed into Boston and met up with Kevin (and his ladyfriend), Tim, Ianchillin, Ben, Russ, Jon and Jason. Skated Navy Yard until it got dark, then Kevin, Tim, Alex and myself left for Lowell. On the way to Kevin's house, we went to the mall where Tim got a sweet poster. We also hit up to Bob's furniture in search of Slach. However, we got the boot pretty quickly. We did get some free food though. The rest of the night consisted of eating rice and watching figure skating. The next morning we awoke to snow on the ground, so skating was pretty much out of the question. Everyone was pretty tired anyways, and I had been wearing the same clothes without showering for two days, so I left for home at about three. Then I made this sweet edit:

P.s. Check out this sweet new 4x4 ad starring Broskow from the new One:



Winter is the enemy

P.s. Daily updates start again today!