Gotta Stay Fly Park Edit 2012

Gotta Stay Fly Park Edit 2012 from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.

Rollerblading at the skateparks in Wilmington, Malden, Melrose, & Somerville to start the beginning of Summer 2012.
Featuring: Justin Diaz, Jordy Ayala, Brandon Cummings, Craig Carbonneau, Carlos Galvez, Terry Adams, Andrew Nemiroski, Andrew Smolak, Scott Campbell, Tim Kelly, Remo DiTullio, Alex Hogan, Ian Hutchinson, & John O'Donnell
Filming/Editing by: Justin Diaz
Additional Filming by: Jordy Ayala & Remo DiTullio
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i with Rokinon 8mm
Music by: Three 6 Mafia


Some flicks

Boston 6/9/12

Carlos - Tru Porn in a line


Remo - 180 stale launch

Uni cess

Malden, MA 6/10/12

Craig - ledge roll 180


Secret Audience by Nemo

ft. Kyle Couture, Andrew "Smokes" Smolak, Sean Kelso, Steve "Alf" Iacono, John O'Donnell, Matt Hellyer, David Sizemore, Mark Wodja, Colin Kelso, Scott "Air Dolphin" Campbell, Andrew Nemiroski,Justin DiazDustin SpenglerBrian Long & Jared Cahill 


Yesterdays Sesh

 Brandon Cummings - BS Torque

Justin Diaz - LK Air

Justin Diaz - Mute Air

 John Carbs - chillen

 Carlos Galvez - Wallride Mute out
 Alex's Place

 Craig Carbz - Fish

 Craig - BS Backslide

Jordy Ayala - BS Torque

Medford to Wilmington Sesh

Jack Frost - Top soul

Hit up Wilmington, MA Skatepark

Me - Crossgrab Backsldie
photo by: Jordy Ayala



Rollerblading in Boston, MA and surrounding cities during 2012.
Featuring: Justin Diaz, Brandon Cummings, Manny Wilkerson, Andrew Nemiroski, Scott Campbell, Jack Frost, Craig Carbonneau, Justin Girard, Tyler Emond, Jared Green, Terry Adams, John Carbonneau, Remo DiTullio, & Ercaderk
Filmed/edited by: Justin Diaz
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i with Rokinon 8mm & Iphone 4
Music: Mellowhype