Pics: East Boston & Chelsea with Franky and Anthony

Franky - Top soul across and down.

Franky - AO Makio .

Anthony - Switch soul

COW #28: End of May/RI Trip on Sunday

COW #28: End of May/RI Trip on Sunday from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.

Rhode Island Trip 5/30/10


Erc - Pudslide with the grab.

Remo bs torq.

Remo & Ian postin up with Mr. Potatoe Head.

Jadawg's feelin it.


Photo by Ercaderk.

Ian chillin photo by Ercaderk.

Ian boostin up the vert wall.

Ian grabbed wall stall.

Remo roll ledge to drop in bank.

Pigeon with no eye.

Remo boostin to the wall plant.

Me fish stall.

Me bs backslide with shades on.

Ian zero spin transfer.


Pics: Everett to Lowell (5/27/2010)

Jordy - BS roy gap out.


Me- Backslide by: Jordy.

Jordy 180 onto metal platform zerospin off.

 Terry gettin buck to Mike Jones' tracks on the way to Lowell.

 K Phan - Back pudslide.

 Terry with the backside.

 Terry bout to die.

Erc - Back fastslide.


Pics: Jordy @ Malden Park

That dude. 

360 with the switch grab.

And Terry stylin out.


Pics: Malden then Boston (5/25/10)

Erca & Ethan.

Erca air.

Remo triangle/stale air.

Remo bs roy the wire.


Them dudes.


You ain't as fly as Terry.


Them dudes.


Pics: Knox's wrist & Pooch's box 5/24/10

Knox with the broken wrist. (Top porn @ prudential slip out)

mad hot out.

Jordy - disaster darkside.far side fish.

& Pooty with the topacid.

COW #27

Clips Of the Week #27 from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.


Manny Wanzo 360

with the crazy hair


Pics: Friday Night Blade in Boston (5/21/10)

The Zakim bridge.

My homie.


Franky with the topacid.

Erc with the disaster makio on the crayfish.

Me with the Backslide on the crayfish.

Not worth the 30 bills.

Ian with the true mistrial.

Franky's cold.

Flat fuckin tire.

Spare tire = life saver.

Franky gettin it done.