Justin Diaz: Couch

Some slightly new shiettt

Footage from Summer/Fall 2011 in Boston, MA & surrounding cities
Filming by: Manny Wanzo, Jordy Ayala, Jack Frost, Taco, & Ercaderk
Cameras: Canon EOS Rebel T2i & Nikon D5100
Music by: Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler the Creator


Boston Street Battle 2011

Rollerblading competition in Boston, MA
filmed by: Manny Wilkerson & Justin Diaz
edited by: Justin Diaz
Music by: Tobacco, Blizzy Blake, & Mellowhype
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Spot 1 Big Red curve ledge:
1st place: Keegan Smith
2nd place: Scott Campbell
3rd place: John O'donnell

Spot 2 Fields Corner School:
1st place: Brandon Ford 
2nd place: Dylan Hopp
3rd place: Kyle Couture

Spot 3: Ronan Park:
1st: Dave Hartnett
2nd: Kyle Couture
3rd: Keegan Smith

‎2011 Boston Street Battle Results:
1st: Keegan Smith
2nd: Brandon Ford
3rd: Dave Hartnett
4th: Kyle Couture
5th: Dylan Hopp


Toasty Ledge

Everett, MA
It is Fall

Matt Longo - Acid

Justin Diaz - Bs Savannah

Roll to 360 Parallel

Matt - Bs Torq

Geovanni - Top Acid

Manny Wanzo - Bs Roy

Bs Backslide

Campo - Top Acid

Geovanni - Top Porn


Sweater Stance

Boston, MA
by: Ercaderk


Day of Boston Street Battle 2011


Dudes gettin ready to go hard

Kevin, Manny, & other spectators

Remo with the breadsticks on deck

Jack Frost, Dozer, & Kevin bein chill

Broomin the runway

The After Session
Jack Frost - Bs Royale

Manny - Makio

Jack Frost - Bs Unity