I filmed a total of one clips while I was in Long Island! Can you say fail? I think I will be able to make it up to you in the next week though, so please don't lose faith...

Oh yeah, Ross Kuhn is a fucking beast.


Would you like to see me/Often?


Last weekend: Skated boston. Sunny with a brief snowrainstorm. Ianchillin1, Juicy Loose and Myself skated lots of fun wet spots (Secret ones of course).

This week: Nothing. Watched "The apple that fell far from the tree" by Pat Lennon and Sean Cullen. Footage includes blindfolded driving and theft, lots of graffiti, and mini sections on Cullen, Bailey, and Lennon (all badass). Bonus: Sean cullen in his underwear covered in mud.

This weekend: Footage of skating enters my camera and is released on your computer screens.

Next week: L.I. trip with Benny and Tomanelli! Special guests include ugly Fetus and the infamous Chris SaksentayAchente. Expect more epic footage/photographs.

That is all for now!

In the meantime, watch this again:

P.S. Fish is dead