Fall Edit 08


New Skateparks

Bristol, CT Skatepark opening Nov. 1st

New Boston Skatepark Plans.
Notice how they pay homage to legendary OG Boston spots such as "Volcanoes". Gridline is supposed to break ground in the Spring.

Pic from Today

Anthony Knoxy - Royale - Goverment Center - Boston


The Comeback

yeah I'm still using the same gay frames. whatever

keep that fridge stocked


hey, uh, can you tell me where i can get some clean pants?

started out meeting at the wrong mcdonalds at the opposite end of gov center, kicked it with this fatass for a min. ronald is a creep and can't blade by the way

went to blade this nice ledge that was once knee high and bestowed this tragic comedy.

bladed this fountain i've viewed bikers and boarders shred, figured it was our turn for some high intensity extreme action sportage

bladed this larger fountain and b price was asked by an eccentric man "hey, uh, can you tell me where i can get some clean pants? have you seen, uh, anybody with some suitcases or anything? if i could find somebody, uh, with some suitcases i could, uh, get some clean jeans."
biked away with a lil line clip

bladed this underground spot until a narc narced on us and a dood asked us to leave

curb roll to soul electric box to soul curb

end of the night banger