Chicago Montage 2011

This is my experience of my trip to Chicago, IL with Kevin Phan, Ian Hutchinson, Dozer, and Eric Woods.
We met up with other bladers such as Tim Kelly, Matthias St. John, Honey Baked, & Travis Rhodes and bladed some dope spots. Here's what we got.
Filmed/edited by: Justin Diaz
Additional Footage by: Ian Hutchinson
Filming creds: Justin Diaz, Ian Hutchinson, Kevin Phan, Eric Woods, & Tim Kelly
Main camera: Canon EOS Rebel t2i
Music by: Tyler the Creator & Domo Genesis


A Few Recent Flicks

Boston, MA
Jared Green - Royale hoppin over the caps

Me - Back Savannah

Malden, MA
Back Backslide

Remo - Triangle Air


Left Overs & Kevin Phan 2011 Edit

Left Overs & Kevin Phan (2011) from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.

A couple of leftover clips & Kevin Phan in rollerblading in Boston, MA and surrounding cities throughout the year 2011.
Also featuring: Justin Diaz, Brandon Cummings, Jordy Ayala, Jack Frost, Remo DiTullio, & Dave Sizemore.
Filmed/Edited by: Justin Diaz
Main Camera: Canon EOS Rebel t2i with Rokinon 8mm
Additional Footage by: Ian Hutchinson & Kevin Phan
Music by: Flying Lotus