North End

Mute Wallride to chain hop
photo by Vato


Boston - CT- NJ Edit by Tom Leong

Boston_CT_NJ from Tom Leong on Vimeo.
Featuring Eric Woods, Justin Diaz, & Tom Leong


Crusin Around Cambridge


Terry - 180 safety

Brandon - FS Nugen


Boston Thurday

Vato - Early Wallride


Boston to Connecticut to New Jersey


Tom Leong - 540

Tom - Fish stall

Ercaderk - Late 180

Me - Topsoul
by Ercaderk

Tom - Fish

Ercaderk - 360

Tom - Sweaty

Ercaderk - Mute transfer

New Jersey

James Kobryn - Fishy

Taylor Kobryn - Ao crossgrab fish

Me - mizou
by Tom Leong

Erca gettin angles

Tom - 180 mute

Me - Fish
by Ercaderk

Tom - Soyale 

Tom dead
Saw lots of graff on the way home


Between No Idols Montage 2012

Between No Idols Montage 2012 from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.

This edit includes rollerblading in the city of Boston, MA and surrounding cities during Summer 2012.
Featuring: Carlos Galvez (Vato), Justin Girard, Justin Diaz, Andrew Smolak (Smokes), John O'donnell, Eric Woods (Ercaderk), Craig Carbz, John Carbz, Anthony Burgos, Ian Chillin, Terry Adams, Manny Wilkerson, Brandon Cummings, Jack Frost, Remo Ditullio, Jordy Ayala & Jared Cahill.
Filmed & Edited by: Justin Diaz
Cameras: Canon EOS REbel t2i & iPhone 4
Music: Earl Sweatshirt, Captain Murphy, Flying Lotus, Domo Genesis, Action Bronson, Space Ghost Purp, & Alchemist