Skate The Hate 2010 Pics by Jordy


Justin filming the shotguns

Dave Hartnett - Acid to True top Acid.

Sporter- KG.

J Webb - Topsoul

Ryan Strout - Disaster Soul

J Webb - Topacid

Dave Harnett - Disaster 540 AO Soul

Dylan Hopp - Disaster Hardspin Topsoul

Ryan Strout - Acid to Tru Topacid

Brett Labelle - Roy

J Webb - Roy

Dylan Hopp - Roy to Tru Back Uni

Dave Hartnett - Acid to Tru back uni.

Johnny Wu - Royale to Royale

Jadawg mad hot

Justin Lazyass

Sporter - soul

Ryan Strout - Topacid

Dave Harnett - 270 Back Nug

Dylan Hopp - Topsoul

Johnny Wu - Back Unity

Cam Mann - Uni

Johnny Wu - Topsoul

Johnny Wu - Half Cab TopSoul

Ryan Strout - Topsoul

Dave Harnett - Back Royal

Dave Harnett - 540 AO Soul

Chef BFord

Jared Green - Tru Kindgrind

Taylor Greene- Sweaty

Back roy

Kyle Couture - Soul

Jared Cahill - Soul

Gabe Holm - Sweatstance

Mike Dempsey - Switch sweaty to Regular Sweaty.

Will Lyons - Topsoul

Mark Wojda - Topsoul to Tru Topsoul

Kyle Couture - porn

Julio Amiama - Kindgrind

Keegan Smith - Tru Mizou

Taylor Greene - Fish

Mike Dempsey Back unity (part of a line)

Kyle Couture - Roy (part of a line)

Mike Dempsey - switch 270 Back Royale

Ben Strout - Back Royale

Julio A. - AO Topsooul

Mark Wojda - frontside

Ben Strout - AO Unity

Kyle - Front nug

Mike Dempsey - Back Unity

Mark Wojda - 360 Topsoul

Mo Marzuq - 540 Attempt

Mike Dempsey - Front Fastslide


True back uni

Mark Wojda 270 back royale

Mark Wojda Tru Topsoul

Julio A. Tru Topacid

Mark Wojda Tru Topporn

Mike Dempsey Tru back Unity

Mike Dempsey - 270 Back Backslide pivot Acid (winner)