Good Sesh/Worst Night

First off lemme say yesterday was not a good day for anyone in these pictures. We all wanna thank god for still being here today. Rest In Pieces Mazda.

Jordy Front Torque Cess slide

Remo bs Uni

Ye jadawg

Justin Sweaty

Roderick Tru Topsoul

Jarrid Tru acid

Roderick neg mistrial

Jarrid full cab bs nuggin

yo yo iz remo

Remo neg makio

Justin Tru Makio

Roderick Kindgrind

Juicy bout to die

Jordy Backslide cess slide


  1. not sure what happen sounds like a car accident but glad to see all of you guys are ok

  2. yea dude was not a fun night. but yea im glad too.

  3. shit suckedd but atleast we're all good