Big 2011 Boston Montage & Bails

Rollerblading in Boston, MA and surrounding cities during the year 2011.
Featuring: Ian Hutchinson, Aziz Basri, Jim Lamarche, Brandon Cummings, Brent Trinidad, Cam Mann, Carlos Galvez, Craig Carbonneau, Derek Lintala, Jack Frost (Jarrid Diaz), John Carbonneau, Anthony Knox, Manny Wilkerson, Justin Diaz, Blake Contreras, Roderick Stallbaum, Russ Dyment, Remo DiTullio, Eric Woods, Andrew Nemiroski, Tyler Emond, Tom Ferrante, Justin Riley, Tim Shapiro, & Jared Green
Filmed/Edited by: Justin Diaz
Main Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i w/ Rokinon 8mm
Additional Footage from: Kevin Phan & Jordy Ayala
Music by: Pete Rock, Earl Sweatshirt, & J Dilla 

2011 was a good year lets get it this year.

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