Gotta Stay Fly Park Edit 2012

Gotta Stay Fly Park Edit 2012 from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.

Rollerblading at the skateparks in Wilmington, Malden, Melrose, & Somerville to start the beginning of Summer 2012.
Featuring: Justin Diaz, Jordy Ayala, Brandon Cummings, Craig Carbonneau, Carlos Galvez, Terry Adams, Andrew Nemiroski, Andrew Smolak, Scott Campbell, Tim Kelly, Remo DiTullio, Alex Hogan, Ian Hutchinson, & John O'Donnell
Filming/Editing by: Justin Diaz
Additional Filming by: Jordy Ayala & Remo DiTullio
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i with Rokinon 8mm
Music by: Three 6 Mafia

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